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What to do during a dog attack


Bicyclists, joggers, runners and walkers in Georgia might see aggressive dogs during their excursions that put them at risk of being bitten, chased or snapped at. Knowing what to do during a dog attack could keep them from being bitten or mauled.

Aggressive dogs can blindside people on the road, so they do not always have time to protect themselves. If they do, they can try to get the dogs to attack an item on them. For example, they could pull one arm out of a sweater or long-sleeve shirt, and put the sleeve in front of the dogs. If the dogs latch on, they should let the dogs pull off the sweater or shirt and then back away slowly. This should make the dogs think they have a hold of their targets, distracting them so that people can reach safety.

Joggers, runners and others could also carry items with them for this very purpose, whether it is a loosely tied sweater around their waists or a stuffed toy or stick. They may even have time to use a shoe as a distraction. If they do not have time to evade a dog bite, they need to protect their chests, faces, fingers and throats. They should also avoid bites on the thigh, which could cause lethal bleeding. The shin and forearm are the best places to get a bite.

Upon being bitten, joggers and runners should not pull away. This is a natural reaction, but it only makes dog bite injuries worse. Instead, they should allow the dogs to grab on, and then pick them up by their back legs.

In general, dogs only attack humans when they feel threatened or believe the humans are a danger to their pack or territory. However, some owners are negligent and allow aggressive breeds to roam around despite the danger. People who become victims of this negligence may want to have the assistance of an attorney in seeking compensation.

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