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Homeowners and Premises Liability


Even in the cleanest, most organized homes, accidents can happen. While a large number of household injuries are minor, every accident that occurs on residential property can have serious consequences. In many situations, Georgia homeowners Georgia could be found liable for an injury that occurs on their premises when the victim is a family member or invited guest.

According to statistics, more than 10 million people seek emergency medial treatment annually following an injury they sustained on private property. Slips and falls, backyard drownings and accidental drug overdoses are some of the more common types of household accidents. Homeowners should do their best to reduce hazards inside their house and throughout the property as they will likely be considered at fault for any accidents that may occur at their home.

Potential hazards may include backyard pools, faulty wiring, aggressive pets and even prescription medications that are easily accessible to guests. Whether the injury occurred due to hazardous conditions or the negligence of a property owner, any accident victim victim considered an invitee or a licensee has a right to seek compensation. Invitees are those individuals who are conducting business at the home, including contractors and postal workers. Licensees can be friends, family members or guests who have a legal right to be on the property.

Those who are injured at a private home should immediately inform the homeowner. Providing the homeowner's insurance company with documentation, such as photographs or video of the hazard, may be helpful in settling premises liability matters in a reasonable time frame. Accident victims may benefit from the assistance of a personal injury attorney when seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses.