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Juvenile Crimes

Understanding the Juvenile Justice System in Georgia

Under Georgia law, juveniles can be charged as adults when certain crimes are alleged to have occurred. When dealing with juveniles charged as adults our attorneys utilize a number of strategies to try to get their cases sent down to juvenile court to avoid the harsh penalties of being treated as an adult in Superior Court.

While it depends on the nature of the allegations and the facts inherent to a case, our legal team can work to convince the judge to sentence a young person to community service, counseling, and extended monitoring in lieu of lockup or being charged as an adult in Superior Court. In other instances, we may be able to convince prosecutors to dismiss charges or offer some type of diversion program as an alternative to being prosecuted in either Superior Court or Juvenile Court.

Common Juvenile Offenses

If your son or daughter is facing criminal charges as a juvenile charged as an adult in Superior Court or delinquency charges in Juvenile Court, you need a lawyer who has experience working with juveniles who find themselves tangled up in the criminal justice system. At Ross & Pines, LLC, we have the experience you require; three of our lawyers were former criminal prosecutors who worked extensively with both juveniles charged with committing delinquent acts in Juvenile Court and juveniles charged with committing crimes as adults in Superior Court.

With our unsurpassed insight and relentless work ethic, we are able to effectively craft strategies aimed at protecting our young clients' futures. We know that parents and their children are concerned with the ways in which criminal allegations will impact their lives and we strive to alleviate their worries by providing step-by-step guidance and aggressive criminal defense representation.