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Premises Liability and Commercial Properties


A person who visits a Georgia business such as a grocery store, a department store or a hotel has a reasonable expectation that the building will be free of hazards. That's because all businesses owe a duty of care to their customers and any person who visits their premises. The premises must be kept safe, and any dangerous conditions that develop on the premises must be corrected in a reasonable time period.

People who are injured while visiting a commercial building may want to file a personal injury lawsuit against the business owner. The business owner is usually the only defendant in premises liability lawsuits, as provisions in a commercial lease agreement typically free the landlord from liability for accidents that occur on the premises while it is being rented.

Slip-and-fall accidents are the most common kinds of accidents that take place on commercial properties. Business owners should ensure that their premises do not have wet floors, cluttered aisles, torn carpeting and other hazards that could easily lead to a customer slipping and falling on the floor. Many businesses are also responsible for correcting dangerous conditions in parking lots or on sidewalks that could lead to outdoor slip-and-fall accidents.

An attorney may be able to help a person who was injured on a commercial property to pursue compensation for their financial damages. To build a strong premises liability claim against a business, an attorney may gather proof that the business owner knew or should have known about a hazard but failed to correct it before it led to the plaintiff's injuries.