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Pedestrian Accidents

Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Fighting for Fair Compensation for Injured Clients

Pedestrians have a right to share the roads with motor vehicles. When an accident happens, the pedestrian is at much greater risk of severe or catastrophic injury. The Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers at Ross & Pines, LLC provide tailored representation to each and every client. We aggressively pursue compensation for pedestrians with serious injuries.

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Pedestrian Accidents Cause Serious Injury

Accidents involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian may cause severe injuries to the head, neck, brain, and spinal cord, and may lead to broken bones, the loss of limbs, paralysis, and even death. When the accident is caused by the negligent or reckless actions of the driver, the injured pedestrian can seek compensation from the responsible party.

Our attorneys represent clients injured in pedestrian accidents caused by:

You may be able to recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages related to your accident. Economic damages include the monetary losses that resulted from the accident, such as medical bills, anticipated future medical care needs, rehabilitation, and lost wages. Non-economic damages include compensation for the pain you have suffered due to the accident, such as emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

Understanding the Legal Process for Pedestrian Accident Claims

Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be a traumatic experience, and navigating the legal process afterwards can be overwhelming. At Ross & Pines, LLC, our experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys are here to guide you through every step of the way and fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

When it comes to pedestrian accident claims, it's important to understand the legal process involved. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Investigation - Our team will thoroughly investigate the accident, gathering evidence such as witness statements, police reports, and surveillance footage to determine liability and build a strong case on your behalf.
  • Negotiations - We will engage in negotiations with insurance companies and the at-fault party's legal representation to seek a fair settlement that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  • Litigation - If a fair settlement cannot be reached, our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to take your case to court and fight for your rights in front of a judge and jury.
  • Expertise - With years of experience handling pedestrian accident cases, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of personal injury law and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Don't face the legal process alone. Contact Ross & Pines, LLC today for a free consultation and let us help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

Can a Pedestrian Be at Fault in a Car Pedestrian Accident?

While pedestrians have the right of way on the road, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be found at least partially responsible for a car pedestrian accident. Some of the most common situations where a pedestrian can be found at fault are if:

  • A pedestrian was crossing against the traffic signal
  • A pedestrian was crossing the road outside a crosswalk
  • A pedestrian was walking where pedestrian access is clearly not allowed

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact our firm today to learn about your options and how we can help you.

Seeking Justice for Pedestrian Accident Victims

At Ross & Pines, LLC, our Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys are dedicated to fighting for justice and fair compensation for those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that these accidents can take on victims and their families.

When you choose us to represent you, you can expect:

  • Compassionate and personalized legal representation
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in handling pedestrian accident cases
  • A team of skilled trial attorneys who are not afraid to take your case to court
  • Thorough investigation to gather evidence and build a strong case on your behalf
  • Negotiation skills to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve
  • Clear communication and guidance throughout the legal process

We believe that every pedestrian accident victim deserves justice and fair compensation for their injuries. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let us fight for your rights.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

Our seasoned pedestrian accident attorneys in Atlanta have a reputation for advocating for our clients in settlement negotiations and in court. We thoroughly investigate your accident, deal with insurance companies on your behalf, and fight for a fair settlement for your damages. You will not be charged any attorney fees until we collect compensation for you.

When you are ready to learn about your legal options, call (888) 838-4858 to schedule an appointment.

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