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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

Fight for Your Rights with an Atlanta Domestic Violence Lawyer

Mere allegations of domestic violence or stalking may lead to a TPO (temporary protective order) being issued against you. Before you know what is happening, you could be removed from your home and ordered to not have any contact with your spouse, significant other and your children. If you have been served with a TPO, it is very important that you stop all contact with the person who took out the TPO. It is also important to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

At Ross & Pines, LLC, our Atlanta domestic violence attorneys move quickly to defend our clients who have been wrongfully accused of violence and are facing a life-changing legal action. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner you can tell your side of the story.

Tell your side of the story with representation from an experienced Atlanta domestic violence attorney from Ross & Pines, LLC. Call (888) 838-4858 to begin a free initial consultation!

Temporary Restraining Orders in Georgia

The moment a restraining order is issued can be devastating and life-changing. When it becomes public, this information can destroy reputations, terminate careers and end friendships. Temporary Restraining Orders can also keep you away from your house and your children. Secure The Justice You Deserve. Call an Atlanta Domestic Violence Attorney!

Whether you are on the outside looking in to your home or you need an aggressive criminal defense against serious criminal charges, don’t hesitate to contact Ross & Pines, LLC for legal guidance that is backed by more than a century of collective experience. We are passionate about providing legal solutions that are tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

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