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Underage DUI

Underage DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

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In Georgia, an experimenting or reckless youth can face life-changing charges for underage drinking and driving under the influence (DUI). Per the state’s Zero Tolerance policy, any driver under the age of 21 can face severe penal and administrative consequences if they’re pulled over with a 0.2% blood alcohol content (BAC) level. But should a young adult’s future be capsized by a small error in judgment or a wrongful arrest?

If you’re a youth facing misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, contact the Atlanta DUI attorneys at Ross & Pines, LLC today. An underage DUI conviction in Georgia can result in jail time, costly fines, license suspension, and permanent damage to your driving record. There is also your criminal record to consider, as a DUI conviction can affect your ability to enter college and explore new career opportunities. Fortunately, our trial-tested legal team has a comprehensive understanding of Georgia’s DUI laws and can effectively represent even the most challenging and high stakes cases. By investigating your case and collecting evidence, we can develop a personalized case strategy that aims to secure a charge reduction, case dismissal, or acquittal on your behalf.

Our relentless DUI lawyers aren’t afraid to litigate against aggressive prosecutors. Contact Ross & Pines, LLC at (888) 838-4858 to schedule a free case evaluation today!

Underage DUIs in Georgia

An underage driver can be charged with DUI “per se” and/or “DUI-less-safe” (impairment DUI) in Georgia. In fact, you can be charged with a DUI “per se” just for recording a 0.2% BAC on a field sobriety test. If your BAC rates above 0.2%, you could be found guilty in court even if the prosecution is unable to prove that your driving ability was impaired. Plus, a field sobriety test can be manipulated by a biased officer or influenced by traces of non-alcoholic substances, such as mouthwash and gum. For this reason and more, it’s critical that you retain legal representation after your arrest.

Unfortunately, you can still face charges after refusing a field sobriety test or recording a BAC level under 0.2%. DUI-less-safe is a subjective charge that depends entirely upon the arresting officer’s observations and opinions. For example, the arresting officer can note that you’re weaving or slurring your speech, which are both common indicators of intoxicated driving. In this case, however, the prosecution needs to utilize evidence that proves you were driving under the influence of alcohol.

An underage DUI conviction can result in the following legal penalties:

  • First Offense (misdemeanor)
    • $300-$1,000 fine
    • Up to 12 months in jail
    • At least 20 hours of community service
    • License suspension for 1 year
  • Second Offense (misdemeanor)
    • $600-$1,000 fine
    • Up to 12 months in jail
    • At least 30 days of community service
    • License suspension for 1 year
  • Third Offense (“high and aggravated” misdemeanor)
    • $1,000-$5,000 fine
    • Up to 12 months in jail
    • At least 30 days of community service
    • License suspension for 1 year
  • Fourth Offence (“high and aggravated” misdemeanor or felony)
    • $600-$1,000 fine
    • Up to 5 years in jail
    • At least 60 days of community service
    • License suspension for 1 year

Arrested for Underage DUI? Safeguard Your Future Today

At Ross & Pines, LLC, we take great care in providing our clients with informed legal guidance, compassionate advocacy, and customized legal services. We also take pride in our state-wide reputation as trusted DUI attorneys. Over the years, we’ve guided thousands of clients through this challenging legal process. Our team is comprised of skilled litigators and former prosecutors who know how to protect a client’s rights, reputation, and driving privileges. Because we care about our clients on a personal level, we don’t limit our services to the courtroom; we can also represent you in matters in related to driver’s license restoration.

You don’t have to struggle through this legal process alone. Contact Ross & Pines, LLC at (888) 838-4858 to schedule a free consultation. We are here for you

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