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Citizenship & Naturalization

Atlanta Citizenship & Naturalization Attorneys

Ross & Pines, LLC is here to Help You Become a Citizen

At Ross & Pines, LLC, our Atlanta immigration attorneys work closely with immigrants interested in becoming citizens of the United States. We can guide you through the citizenship process and help make sure that your application for citizenship is granted. The naturalization process can appear daunting at first sight. However, working with an experienced immigration lawyer can help avoid confusion and ensure that you comply with applicable laws and immigration requirements.

Over the years, our firm has established a well-respected immigration practice. We take a thorough approach to each and every immigration case we handle, understanding that the futures of our clients lie in the results we obtain for them. We have handled numerous cases involving citizenship and naturalization and can capably guide you through the process.

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United States Citizenship & Immigration Services Compliance

When applying for citizenship, it is essential that you adhere to stated deadlines and provide accurate and thorough information to the government. If you change jobs, move, or must leave the country, it is important to comply with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) rules and regulations or you may jeopardize your ability to become a citizen.

Trips Outside the United States During the Naturalization Process

It is not unusual for immigrants to travel back to their home country to take care of personal concerns and family matters. However, if you are undergoing naturalization, you must comply with strict residency requirements. If a parent or family is sick and needs your help, you may need to apply for a travel document before you go back home. If you have applied for U.S. citizenship, you should never leave the United States without first consulting with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Naturalization & Criminal Convictions

If you are a green card holder interested in applying for U.S. citizenship, you probably know that any criminal conviction can impact your ability to naturalize and even your ability to stay in the United States. That’s because, in order to qualify for naturalization, the laws require that you show that you have resided in the U.S. for a specific period of time and that for all of that time period you have been and continue to be “a person of good moral character.” Additionally, there are some convictions that are considered to be “permanent bars” to naturalization, meaning that a conviction for this type of crime will prevent you from ever becoming a U.S. citizen. Because of the complexity of this area of immigration law, if you have ever been arrested for any crime, you should never apply for naturalization without consulting an experienced immigration lawyer.

Since the lawyers at Ross & Pines, LLC handle both immigration cases and criminal cases, you can rest assured that you are getting the most accurate legal advice and best representation possible for your situation. At Ross & Pines, LLC, our attorneys do not simply prepare and submit the immigration forms; we also attend the naturalization interview with you to ensure that you are adequately represented from start to finish. It is this thoroughness that sets us apart from other immigration attorneys.

Before you apply for citizenship, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta immigration attorney. Contact Ross & Pines, LLC today to learn more!

*Consultation fees apply to immigration cases.