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Atlanta Child Molestation Attorney

Fight for a Cleared Reputation with Ross & Pines, LLC

Just being accused of child molestation can ruin your career, family, and life. The accusation alone is enough to tarnish your reputation, even before you get your day in court. Being convicted of child molestation has much more far-reaching consequences and will result in a long prison sentence and registration as a sexual offender. If you have been charged with child molestation it is absolutely crucial that you have the best criminal defense team you can afford defending you. You need a lawyer who is able to craft a defense strategy, conduct a thorough investigation, challenge any existing laws that are unconstitutional and work overtime to protect your rights and clear your name.

Being accused and then convicted of molestation will haunt you for a lifetime. Every potential employer, landlord, and neighbor will know that you are a convicted sex offender. Your picture will be on the internet and everyone will know where you live. Our team of Atlanta criminal defense attorneys at Ross & Pines, LLC can work all possible angles, hire investigators, consult expert witnesses and aggressively fight the allegations. We will be there every step of the way with you and more importantly, we will go the distance for you.

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Our Approach to Charges of Child Molestation

We know that people are falsely accused of child molestation all the time. We have seen the damage even a false accusation of child molestation can have on our clients, which is why we take these cases so seriously. Unlike many lawyers, we are not embarrassed by representing people charged with child molestation; and we are not intimated by police officers and prosecutors. At our firm, we are confident in establishing a compelling defense to pursue the most successful outcome possible. Being accused of molestation is very, very serious, and an inexperienced attorney may not have the skills to investigate your case, successfully craft a defense case and present it persuasively in court.

We devote our resources to investigating all angles of your case:

  • We hire expert witnesses.
  • We consult with private investigators.
  • We challenge laws that are vague and overbroad.
  • We are not intimated by police officers.
  • We outwork prosecutors.
  • We will craft a defense that establishes a high level of reasonable doubt.

Ross & Pines, LLC has a solid background in criminal defense with an AV Preeminent® rating. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have successfully represented clients in child molestation cases, often resulting is a dismissal of charges. Our defense team is made up of three former prosecutors with extensive experience on both sides of the aisle, and the inside knowledge that can make a difference when charged with a serious sex crime such as child molestation.

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We are dedicated to our clients’ interests and want to hear your side of the story. We fully understand the strategies that are effective in crafting a viable defense, and in ultimately protecting your rights and freedom. Don't assume that being falsely accused is enough to be found not guilty - it is not. We have dealt with many appellate cases where people, who were falsely accused, went to trial with an inexperienced lawyer and were convicted. While we have been successful in getting several of those convictions overturned, those clients spent years in prison before they were freed. You need a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney that is ready to fight for you. We are fearless at trial and formidable advocates in court.

We offer a free case evaluation and encourage you to contact us today to learn more about your rights and options to fight child molestation charges in Atlanta.