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Aviation Accidents

Atlanta Aviation Accident Lawyers

Helping Your Family Recover from Tragedy

Aviation accidents are very rare, but when they do happen, the end result is often catastrophic. The injuries sustained in an airplane or helicopter crash are almost always life-altering, or fatal. Survivors of aviation accidents can be permanently disabled, and rely on lifelong medical treatment.

An aviation crash is a traumatic event that can completely disrupt your family’s way of life. We are dedicated to holding negligent parties responsible and securing compensation for their victims.

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The Impact of an Aviation Accident

At Ross & Pines, LLC, we are committed to supporting those who have been impacted by an aviation accident. Our firm represents those who were injured or lost a loved one in a crash, including incidents such as:

  • Private plane accidents
  • Commercial airplane crashes
  • Helicopter crashes

The victims of aviation accidents, and their families, are burdened with the high costs of treatment, doctor visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and surgery in the aftermath of a crash. In the case of fatal accidents, the financial impact of a crash includes burial and funeral expenses. Contact our aviation accident lawyers in Atlanta to discuss your case. You may be entitled to compensation for these debts, as well as damages for your pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

While aviation accidents in general have decreased over the last several decades, the fatal accident that do occur are most often private planes, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Many of the most common causes of aviation accidents are due to:

  • Pilot error
  • Miscommunication with air traffic control
  • Bad weather
  • Engine failure or defective aircraft
  • Failure to inspect and maintain aircraft properly
  • Failure to maintain runways

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