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Post-Conviction Services

Post-Conviction Services

Let Our Atlanta Appellate Attorneys Give You A Second Chance!

Did your trial lawyer not do a good job representing you at your trial? Did the trial Judge make a bad ruling? A conviction does not have to be the end of your case. At Ross & Pines, LLC we have extensive appellate experience and will review your case, the evidence, your trial attorney’s performance and the trial transcripts in order to come up with an effective strategy to get your conviction overturned.

If you have been convicted of a crime, you can rely on Ross & Pines, LLC to fight for your freedom. Whether you are seeking a motion for new trial, appeal or petition for habeas corpus, we have the resources and skills necessary to efficiently and effectively pursue your post-conviction rights

Learn more about our post-conviction services below:

Not all lawyers who handle criminal trials also handle appeals and vice versa. We handle both, providing us with an advantage over defense lawyers who are not familiar with the appellate process and appellate lawyers who are not familiar with the trial process. If you have been convicted of a crime, or entered a guilty plea because of bad advice from a lawyer, you only have a limited time to file for a motion for new trial and/or appeal.

If you have lost your appeal, habeas corpus may offer you another opportunity for post-conviction relief. These are complex cases that require the services of an experienced appellate attorney.

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