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Being convicted of a crime does not have to be the end of the story. At Ross & Pines, appellate lawyers represent scores of individuals who have been convicted of crimes, or who have entered guilty pleas based on bad advice from their lawyers, who want to continue their fight for freedom. While we typically handle appeals in cases that involve serious felony convictions that result in life-long prison sentences, we have helped individuals convicted of a variety of crimes navigate the appeals process.

You have the right to appeal your conviction, but you only have a limited time (30 days) to file a motion for new trial or appeal., By working with our appellate team, you can protect your appeal rights and make the most of your chance to regain your freedom and clear your name. Many lawyers who handle criminal trials do not also handle criminal appeals, and many lawyers who handle criminal appeals do not also handle criminal trials. At Ross & Pines, our legal team handles both criminal trials and criminal appeals, giving us an advantage over criminal lawyers who are not familiar with the appellate process and appeal lawyers who are not familiar with the trial process. Our knowledge of the law and our writing skills allows us to be successful in getting convictions overturned and new trials granted. However, due to the hundreds of hours involved in every appeal, we limit the number of appeals that we agree to handle.

If you want us to consider taking on your appeal, call (888) 838-4858 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Main Issues in Handling an Appeal

Just because someone was convicted of a crime does not mean that the fight is over. Everyone is entitled to appeal their conviction as long as the appeal is filed in a timely manner. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, then you need to consult a lawyer immediately or you may give up your right to appeal.

There are typically two main issues when handling an appeal.

  • One, did the judge make any legal mistakes during the trial that should result in a reversal of the case?
  • Two, did the trial lawyer fail to do his/her job such that the client received "ineffective assistance of counsel" thus requiring a new trial?

In looking for these errors, a case must be examined and deconstructed piece by piece to determine which errors were made during the trial. After we deconstruct your case, we will reconstruct it with the goal of getting your conviction reversed.

Atlanta Appeal Lawyers Protect Your Rights!

Most of the appeals we handle involve cases in which the trial lawyer, who was not a lawyer from Ross & Pines, was inexperienced or simply did not do his or her job, and therefore made big mistakes during the trial. Those mistakes may be significant enough to result in a new trial being granted.

Since we are experienced with both the trial process and the appeal process, we are able to pinpoint the mistakes that were made and effectively advocate for a new trial. We also are experienced at challenging Georgia's laws that are unconstitutional used by the government to charge innocent people with criminal activity. At Ross & Pines, our appeals and habeas corpus attorneys are experienced in every kind of appellate proceedings and are recognized as being some of top appellate lawyers in the State of Georgia.

If you need experienced help to challenge a sentence or overturn a criminal conviction, we invite you to contact an Atlanta appeal attorney from our firm. Since we limit the number of appeals that we agree to handle each year, it is important that you call us immediately to discuss your case.


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