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Just because a person was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) does not mean that person is guilty of DUI. In the Atlanta metro area and throughout the state of Georgia, many people are wrongfully and improperly arrested for DUI by overzealous and improperly trained police officers. If you have been charged with DUI, then you need a tough, knowledgeable Atlanta DUI attorney to protect your constitutional rights and fight for you in court.

Prosecutors are aggressive, and they will employ every tactic they can to obtain a DUI conviction. The first step to building a winning defense is hiring an experienced DUI attorney. By hiring a seasoned attorney from Ross & Pines, LLC, you can ensure that you receive the powerful criminal defense representation you need to fight your case.

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Reliable Atlanta DUI Attorney

Dealing with DUI charges or laws can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially if you are going through it alone. If you need expert assistance navigating the legal system and dealing with DUI charges, our Atlanta DUI Attorneys are here to help. Our team of experienced DUI lawyers has the knowledge and skill needed to provide you with dedicated support throughout every step of the process.

Whether you need guidance during a criminal trial or just need help understanding your rights and options under Atlanta DUI laws, our Atlanta DUI Attorneys can provide you with expert advice that you can trust. So don't struggle through this difficult time by yourself – let our accomplished legal experts guide you along the way. With Ross & Pines, LLC, on your side, you can feel confident that your rights will be protected and that all possible legal options will be fully explored. Contact us today for more information.

Proper Research Is Critical To Successful DUI Defense

Our legal team at Ross & Pines, LLC has handled thousands of DUI cases in the Atlanta metro area and throughout the state of Georgia. We know that the key to fighting your DUI case and defending against DUI penalties is having a solid defense.

Our attorneys will build that defense through the following:

  • Taking the time to talk to you about your case
  • Investigating the facts surrounding your arrest
  • Gathering pertinent information to help fight your case

Our goals are to keep your record clean, to help you avoid driver's license suspension, and to avoid mandatory fines, community service, and jail time. In addition to defending you against criminal allegations, we are also prepared to represent you during Department of Driver Services hearings and matters related to driver's license restoration. Our attorneys work hard to meet these goals. We are here to defend you.

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record?

Being arrested and charged with a DUI can be an incredibly stressful experience. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alleges that 1.5 million Americans are arrested on DUI charges each year. To counter this statistic, most states – including Georgia – have enacted laws and zero-tolerance policies to discourage drinking and driving.

While drunk-driving fatalities have dropped in recent years, there has also been an unfortunate epidemic of Georgia officers making false DUI arrests. In 2017, CBS 11 Alive in Atlanta released a video showcasing officers arresting people based on subjective opinions and false allegations. One negligent officer arrested a man for “signs of marijuana,” even though the driver passed the field sobriety tests and offered to complete a drug test.

First-Time DUI Conviction Penalties

In Georgia, a driver can be charged with a DUI if they record a 0.8% BAC on a field sobriety test. A first-time DUI conviction can lead to the following penalties:

  • Up to 12 months in jail
  • Fines ranging between $300-$1,000
  • License suspension for 12 months
  • 40 hours of community service
  • Substance abuse counseling

There is another factor to consider: A DUI conviction can never be removed or expunged from your criminal record.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

There is a common misconception that a conviction disappears from a person’s criminal record after a set number of years. A criminal record is essentially a running log that lists a person’s arrests, case dismissals, sentences, convictions, and parole violations. In a DUI case, a driver’s criminal record will be updated twice to reflect both the arrest and the outcome of the case.

A criminal record can affect your career plans, housing opportunities, credit options, immigration status, and more. A verdict remains on a driver’s criminal record unless their case is eligible for record restriction. Unfortunately, this method of expungement is only available if the defendant was acquitted or the prosecutor dismissed the case.

The best way to fight a DUI conviction is to retain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. The trial-tested lawyers at Ross & Pines have a comprehensive understanding of Georgia’s criminal justice system, as well as the laws that define and influence DUI litigation. We can investigate your case, collect evidence, determine if the police followed proper arrest procedures, and negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. With our assistance, you can obtain a favorable case result that safeguards your quality of life.

Arrested for Drunk Driving in Atlanta? Our Atlanta DUI Lawyers Can Help!

Searching for DUI Attorney in Atlanta? Our DUI defense lawyers at Ross & Pines, LLC have built a trusted reputation throughout the state of Georgia. When we speak about the habits and methods of the criminal prosecutors, we speak from experience. Three of our lawyers are former prosecutors and have handled thousands of DUI cases on both the prosecution side and the defense side. One of our attorneys formerly provided DUI training to police officers and other prosecutors in the state of Georgia.

Our extensive experience gives us a unique insight into the strategies of the police officers and prosecutors and enables us to anticipate and negate their case when constructing our own strategies for your defense. For more information on DUI cases, check out our DUI FAQ page.

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