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Teen Crimes

Teen Crime Charges in Atlanta

Skilled Advocacy from Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers

Teenagers sometimes make bad choices. They hang out with the wrong group of kids. They are at the wrong place at the wrong time. They do something that they think is a harmless prank. Unfortunately, the days of police officers taking teenagers home to be punished by their parents have been replaced by police officers taking teenagers to jail. Facing criminal prosecution is scary for adults, but it is terrifying for teenagers and their parents. Teenagers don’t belong in jail, they belong in school. However, an arrest can forever impact that possibility. A once clean criminal record is now at risk of showing criminal activity. Suddenly, applying for college presents challenges.

At Ross & Pines, LLC, we understand that kids make mistakes and we remain undeterred in fighting for teenagers throughout the Atlanta area to get a second chance. We will do everything in our power to keep your child’s record clean so that they can continue on their path of success.

Ross & Pines, LLC: Fighting for the Futures of Atlanta Teens.

Our attorneys possess comprehensive experience in representing teenagers in State and Superior courts. Three of our lawyers are former criminal prosecutors. We know how to protect our young clients’ rights and we know what steps to take to convince prosecutors and judges to give our teenage clients a second chance so that they can become productive and successful members of our society.

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