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The Cost of Dog-Bite Injuries Has Increased Over the Years


As Georgia residents know, dog bites may lead to serious injuries. A promotion by the U.S. Postal Service during the week celebrating prevention of dog bites pointed out that there are measures that may be taken by dog owners to reduce the danger of dog bites, such as ensuring that the dog is safely contained within a fenced area, muzzled or on a leash.

According to statistics, Arizona is the state with the highest payout by insurance companies and homeowners for dog bites. While the national average for dog-attack claims is reportedly $37,000, such claims in Arizona pay out an average of $57,000. While the number has declined since 2004 by 9 percent, the cost to settle a claim has risen drastically. The Insurance Information Institute reports that the cost is over 94 percent higher and that payouts include damage caused by dogs not only for bites but also for actions such as knocking a cyclist onto the ground, resulting in injury.

Victims of dog bites include mail carriers and one-third of victims are minors, although the bite is frequently from a family's pet. With 6,549 mail carriers attacked by dogs in 2015, safety measures have been implemented by the Postal Service to reduce the number. This includes a resident being required to designate on a form whether dogs are present in the home and having to retrieve packages at the Postal Service if the mailman considers the family pet a possible danger.

An individual who suffers animal bites due to the negligence of a pet owner may be forced to pay high medical bills and to take time off from work to recuperate. A personal injury lawyer who focuses his or her practice on animal attacks might be able to help by reviewing medical records and police reports to recover damages caused by the injury.