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Staff Training Limits Security Threats at Public Venues


Owners of busy bars and nightclubs in Georgia must contemplate multiple challenges when trying to secure their businesses. A premises liability consultant out of Atlanta recommends that club owners identify their local threats by evaluating the crime level near their locations. Additionally, venues that might attract hate crimes could take steps to prevent on-site violence.

For example, she said that security personnel might pat down patrons upon entry or employ metal detectors. The staff should also have specific training that prepares them to deal with confrontations and altercations.

Training courses designed for employees at public venues like nightclubs are available. One West Coast company provides courses about recognizing fake IDs or narcotics trafficking and how to deal with an active shooter. Both staff and patrons might benefit from the expert advice about how to respond to a life-threatening event. The CEO of the consulting company said that, depending on the situation, people have three choices. They should run, hide, or attack the shooter. He explained that, during the Paris shootings, the attackers had to stop and reload but no one tried to disarm them. He said that, if a person cannot get away, fighting back should be considered.

When a person is hurt at a business due to inadequate security, an attorney representing the victim might consider the filing of a premises liability lawsuit against the business owner. Businesses have the duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for their guests, and a successful lawsuit could bring compensation for the victim's medical expenses and other losses that have been sustained.