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Car Accidents Sometimes Occur During Police Chases in Georgia

At approximately 5 p.m. on a recent Wednesday afternoon, troopers with the Georgia State Patrol engaged in a car chase in pursuit of a man in another vehicle. The high-speed chase resulted in several car accidents. Vehicles involved sustained substantial damages, and one person suffered severe injuries.

Members of the GSP reported that they entered a chase in pursuit of the man when his vehicle sped through an intersection. Upon crossing through the intersection, the man's vehicle is said to have crashed into a pickup truck. The truck reportedly then hit a car, which also smashed into a sports utility vehicle. The impact of the initial collision was so severe that the pickup truck was split in half.

The driver of the pickup truck was airlifted to a nearby medical facility for emergency care. The man chased by the authorities reportedly resisted arrest, and officers used a Tazer on him at the scene. He was taken to an area hospital before his arrest. A dog that had been riding in one of the vehicles reportedly jumped out of the car during the accident. Residents who live near the site of the crash say that they found the animal safe and sound the following morning.

When car accidents in Georgia are caused by the negligence or recklessness of another motorist, a victim who survives his or her injuries has recourse through the law by seeking compensation for damages he or she has suffered. To file a legal claim in a civil court, one might first wish to speak to an experienced attorney in the area. Providing as many details as possible regarding the events leading up to and immediately following an accident would enable a personal injury lawyer to assess an individual case and offer guidance as one prepares to file a lawsuit against the party or parties deemed negligent in the case.