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Motor Vehicle Accidents Increase During the Summer


The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and to take some time off to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, this sunny season is not without a dark side. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents increase during the months of August and September.

What are the underlying causes for this spike in motor vehicle accidents? We have provided a list of reasons below that can help shed some light on this problem:

  • Teens are out of school and out on the roads: Teen drivers are new to the road, but during the school year, they are generally not out driving much due to all the other responsibilities they have and the amount of time they spend in class. However, during the summer, teen drivers spend up to 44% more time during the week driving than they do during the school year. Their level of inexperience increases the risk of collisions on the road, making it a strong contributive factor to the spike in motor vehicle accidents during the summer months. Remember, just because the teen drivers in your household are legally able to drive, does not mean they know how to drive well, so do what you can to help them learn to become better drivers and enforce some rules over the summer that will minimize their time on the road.
  • Summer heat increases chances of vehicle equipment failure: When the temperature rises, so does the chance of vehicle equipment failure. For example, when tires are more worn out, hot weather can cause the air within the tires to expand, which makes can make them more prone to tire blowouts that can lead to a terrible accident.
  • Drunk driving: Summer is certainly a time for celebration and, while there is nothing wrong celebrating with some boozy drinks, there is something wrong with getting behind the wheel of a car afterward. However, many individuals still make the decision to drive after drinking, which contributes to an increase in motor vehicle accidents during the summertime every year. Stay safe this summer and plan for a ride, use a ridesharing app, or stay over at a friend’s place instead of drinking and driving.
  • There is usually more roadway construction: This might seem like a less obvious reason, but many states actually take advantage of the warm summer weather and get as much construction work done before winter’s arrival. This leads to the shutdown of traffic lanes, detours, temporary signs, and other changes in typical driving conditions that could throw off drivers and lead to accidents, especially if they are distracted.
  • Lots of vacationers: A fair amount of us enjoy taking a vacation during the summer. In fact, so many of us have the same idea that it leads to road congestion and traffic jams. Drivers often become frustrated and it leads to an increased risk for road rage and other forms of erratic driving. Moreover, individuals on vacation often lack familiarity with the area they are driving in, resulting in a lot of last minute decisions on the road that can cause collisions.

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