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Attorney Noah Pines Featured on Business RadioX Show


Attorney Noah Pines was recently featured on Silver Lining in the Cloud, an open forum radio program which promotes prominent business leaders in Atlanta. The program frequently shares relevant tips and information that comes straight from these outstanding businesses.

Attorney Pines has 20 years of legal experience in Georgia, working first as a prosecutor before entering into private practice. On the radio program he discussed his experiences as a prosecutor and shared valuable information regarding constitutional rights, DUI offenses, and the best way to find a skilled attorney.

Prosecutorial Background Provides a Unique Edge

For eight years prior to joining Ross & Pines, LLC, Attorney Ross served as a prosecutor in DeKalb County. He prosecuted a majority of felony cases, such as drug trafficking, rape, and child molestation cases. This experience has given Attorney Ross a unique perspective that few other attorneys have.

Attorney Ross says that prosecutors wield a tremendous amount of power and many tend to abuse this. He did his best to review and investigate as thoroughly as possible, instead of simply taking the police officers at their word. "I realized that not every prosecutor is, or was, as fair as I was," Attorney Ross remarked. Understanding the way that prosecutors really operate is an incredible advantage to his clients.

Are you aware of your constitutional rights?

Attorney Ross goes on to discuss the subject of constitutional rights and how you should handle yourself when pulled over by a police officer. Mr. Ross pointed out that officers are constantly asking questions in order to keep the lines of communication so they can obtain valuable information. "These questions by police officers seem innocent," he says, "But really they are an assault on your constitutional rights."

He recommends being polite to the officer, but remember that you do not have to tell them where you're coming from or where you're going. When pulled over, Attorney Ross says that the first thing to remember is to simply be smart.

Basic things like rolling down your window, keeping your hands on the wheel, and handing over your license and registration are all foundational after being pulled over. Beyond that, know your rights. Many people don't actually know their rights and consent to things that they aren't legally required to consent to.

Allowing a police officer to search your car is a direct violation of your constitutional rights. Therefore, Attorney Ross advises anyone to simply and politely say no if an officer asks to perform a search.

How do you handle a DUI stop?

So you've had a drink or two and are heading home, but you get pulled over. How should you respond if the officer asks if you've been drinking? Attorney Ross points out that again, you can choose not to answer this question. Saying no is a lie and saying yes is an easy way to incriminate yourself.

In regards to field sobriety evaluations, Attorney Ross emphatically stated that these tests are junk science. "Those tests are designed to make you fail. Officers don't count the things you do right. They only count the things you do wrong," he said. "They are not accurate or valid. They are only going to be used against you."

Always say no to these field sobriety tests, but use discretion before refusing a blood, breath, or urine test. Georgia's implied consent law denotes that you agree to take a chemical test if asked. Should you refuse, your license will be automatically suspended for one year.

Essentially, Mr. Ross encourages individuals to evaluate the pros and cons. Does your job require a lot of driving? You should probably take the test. Will a DUI ruin your entire career and you don't care about driving? Refusing may be the best choice.

Choosing the Right Attorney

When asked how to select the right attorney, Mr. Ross said to start by asking your friends. If you have a friend who is an attorney, that should be your first step. Using the internet isn't always the right choice, as it can be difficult to know what you're really getting.

He encourages people to make an appointment with three or four lawyers and then choose the one with the most experience that you can afford. "Would you ever pick a doctor without first having a consultation?" Attorney Ross asks. No, so why would you do this when selecting your attorney?

In closing, Attorney Ross shared that every case has its own path. He underscored how vital it is to understand how to follow that path in order to obtain a successful outcome. Relationships with prosecutors and taking a unique approach to each case are extremely important because this can make all the difference in where the case ends up.

If you have a case, contact our firm today to get started. Our firm is ready to represent you.

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