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Attorney Noah Pines Featured on Popular Apple Podcast, Cup of Justice


Firm Partner Noah Pines Featured on Popular Legal Podcast

Ross & Pines, LLC is excited to announce that firm partner Noah Pines was featured on the January 23, 2024, Cup of Justice podcast, where the hosts and guests are dedicated to pursuing truth, giving voice to victims, and getting the story straight. Noah was an early supporter of the podcast when it was focused on the Murdaugh murders. Cup of Justice has since evolved to include other compelling cases while amplifying interesting voices in the legal space.

In the episode featuring Noah, hosts Mandy Matney and Eric Bland discussed the complex world of ethics in defending clients in criminal cases. They discussed Noah’s journey into the legal profession, his admiration for the podcast and its mission, and the daunting task of overturning a murder conviction. They also spent time discussing Joey Watkins’ case and the effort it took to overturn his wrongful conviction.

Background on the Cup of Justice Podcast?

Cup of Justice, an educative and insightful show, was launched in January 2023 as an independent program after beginning as bonus episodes on the Murdaugh Murders Podcast. The show, hosted by Mandy Matney, Liz Farrell, and Eric Bland, offers a deep dive into the worlds of law and journalism, focusing on prominent cases across the globe.

Matney and Farrell, renowned investigative journalists, revolutionize news sourcing and delivery with their relentless pursuit of the truth. The show aims to demystify the often intimidating world of law, equipping listeners with the knowledge and tools to hold public agencies and officials accountable. Through their in-depth analysis, the hosts strive to give voice to victims and foster systemic improvements.

Cup of Justice is more than just a podcast—it's a platform that combines legal expertise, journalistic integrity, and a burning desire for truth. It's your chance to drink from the same Cup of Justice and participate in shaping a more transparent and fair society.

Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! Tune in to Cup of Justice and join us on this enlightening journey through the justice system. Contact Ross & Pines, LLC, today if you need legal assistance.