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Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife Truck Accidents

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Weighing in at an average of 80,000, semi-trucks can be extraordinarily devastating in roadway collisions. Even on their best day, these large vehicles are difficult to control, which is why they are exceptionally dangerous when they’re improperly cared for, badly loaded, or poorly driven. When the driver loses control of the vehicle, it could sometimes cause the truck to jackknife.

A jackknife incident occurs when the rear end of the truck swivels forward to meet with the front end, making the shape of an opening jackknife. Unfortunately, a jackknifed truck could cause a major crash by striking another car, blocking the road, or sliding into oncoming traffic. If you were involved in an accident with a big rig, you may find that the resulting damage can be quite substantial. Our firm is here to help you seek compensation from the liable party after a serious accident, especially if that crash involved a jackknifed truck.

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Our experienced truck accident lawyers at Ross & Pines, LLC can help you after a serious wreck. We know how traumatizing and overwhelming car crashes can be, which is why we want to handle the legal aspects of your case while you focus on what’s important—your recovery. We have more than 100 years of combined experience on our side, and we’ve already handled hundreds of trial and appellate cases on behalf of our clients. If you were injured, we want to hold the liable party responsible for the damage they caused, and we want you to receive the compensation you deserve.

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What Causes Jackknife Accidents?

Jackknife accidents are usually the result of some type of weight distribution issue. When there is too much weight in one area of the truck’s trailer, it may cause the vehicle to swing unevenly. Or, the truck might also jackknife if the driver brakes suddenly, causing the momentum in the rear to run forward.

Common causes of jackknife incidents include:

  • The driver hits the brakes suddenly
  • The truck brakes malfunction or fail
  • The truck brakes are poorly maintained or badly adjusted
  • Drunk driving
  • Driver error or recklessness
  • Speeding
  • The trailer is improperly attached to the truck
  • The trailer is poorly loaded
  • The cargo is poorly secured

Who Could Be Liable?

There are several parties who could be found liable for trucking accidents. When determining liability, it’s important to consider several factors, including the cause of the accident, the location, and the resulting damage. If a truck is poorly maintained, the mechanic in charge of maintenance could be liable, or the trucking company could be at fault for failing to maintain the trucks properly. Likewise, the trucking company could be liable for failing to adhere to trucking regulations, thus endangering the truck driver and everyone else on the road. Or, if the accident is the result of a mechanical issue, the vehicle manufacturer might be at fault.

In any case, accidents involving large trucks can be extremely damaging, and often lead to catastrophic injuries, costly medical bills, long recoveries, and extensive pain and suffering. If you or someone you love was injured in a jackknife truck accident, you need to take immediate legal action to fight for compensation and justice.

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