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Some Georgia Car Accidents Leave Entire Communities Bereaved


In Georgia and elsewhere, when someone known and loved in his or her community suffers an untimely death in a motor vehicle collision, the atmosphere becomes one of sorrow and mourning. Some car accidents involve multiple deaths and leave entire communities bereaved. Such was the case after a recent tragedy, where two staff members of a local school were killed in an automobile accident.

Faculty, parents, students and the community at large shared their grief upon hearing that a teacher and a paraprofessional who worked in her classroom died in a tragic accident on a recent Friday night. A state trooper reported that both women, one age 45 and the other 60, were traveling together when a pickup truck veered across the center line in the road and crashed into their car. The driver of the vehicle that appears to have caused collision was a 30-year-old male who was also killed in the accident.

A spokesman for the school stated that counseling services have been set up in anticipation of students, workers and faculty members returning to school after the tragedy. The counselors will be available to help the school community deal with its sudden and unexpected grief in the loss of two of its staff members. Parents have been instructed to pay close attention to their children in light of the sad news they have received and to contact the school for help if they notice their children suffering signs of emotional trauma.

In Georgia car accidents where a motorist deemed responsible for a collision has succumbed to injuries in the crash, a legal claim may be filed against his or her estate. When the victims have also suffered fatal injuries, the claims can be filed by the immediate family members who survive the decedents. It is difficult for some to think of legal matters in the midst of mourning and grief; however, it might be of comfort to know that filing a claim can lead to compensation for monetary damages which can be used to help offset funeral costs, loss of wages and other expenses incurred because of an accident.

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