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Georgia Trooper Has Been Involved in Multiple Car Accidents

A community is mourning the devastating loss of two young women who were killed in a recent tragedy in Georgia. The fatalities occurred in a motor vehicle accident that also involved a state trooper. The two girls were said to have been traveling in a car with two of their friends, both males, at the time of the the tragic crash. The officer involved in the collision has been deemed responsible for two other car accidents in the past.

The state trooper was reportedly driving at a highly excessive rate of speed, when he allegedly crashed into the rear end of the vehicle that carried the four occupants. The officer was not responding to any sort of official call of duty at the time. The girls, ages 17 and 18, died as a result of their injuries in the accident.

Officials say that the trooper incurred reprimand and disciplinary actions for both prior motor vehicle collisions. In the aftermath of the recent accident and the subsequent deaths of the two teens, he has been fired from the police force. Family members of one of the girls stated that they are outraged that a senseless tragedy has occurred that could have easily been prevented.

Georgia law allows immediate family members who suffer the untimely death of loved ones in car accidents to file legal claims in court on behalf of deceased victims. Though no amount of court-awarded compensation is ever a replacement for the loss of lives, it might comfort those grieving to know that a compensatory award could be used to help offset funeral costs and other expenses associated with an accident. If someone is considering filing a legal claim in court, it is typically prudent to first discuss the details of a case with an experienced personal injury lawyer in the area.