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Seeking Accountability in Georgia Truck Accidents


Georgia highways are busy thoroughfares traveled by many motorists each day. Even while considering that most drivers typically do their best to maintain control of their vehicles and protect the safety of all those who share the road with them, there are still roadway tragedies. Some of those incidents involve truck accidents where people have been seriously injured or killed.

Most would agree that negligent truck drivers should be held accountable for their actions. When a truck operator is under the employment of a company, the employer can potentially be held liable as well if proper training did not take place or if a person with a poor driving record or history has been hired to do the job. Because a truck company will usually act aggressively to defend itself against formal allegations, it is typically advisable for an injured person, or the immediate family members of a victim who succumbed to his or her injuries, to seek legal counsel with a professional who has experience in cases that involve truck accidents.

At Ross & Pines, we are committed to helping you obtain full compensation for the damages you have suffered. It is common knowledge that truck operators have strict guidelines to follow in order to ensure public safety. Some reports have suggested that drivers often cut corners when time and/or money is at stake. This, of course, can result in accidents when drivers least expect them.

The attorneys at Ross & Pines will ensure that your rights are protected as you prepare to file a legal claim in court. We are respected in our field for our courtroom capabilities and our thorough case preparation. We care about our clients and will guide you through each step of the process as you seek the retribution you deserve.

Those injured in Georgia truck accidents, as well as those who suffer the loss of an immediate family member under similar circumstances, may wish to call our office to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible. After assessing the details of your individual case, we will conduct our own investigation and interview witnesses or others involved. This will help us put forth our best effort in advocating your case in court.

If you have a case, contact our firm today to get started. Our firm is ready to represent you.

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