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Car Accidents in Georgia Sometimes Due to Drunk Driving

The hip-hop music community is mourning the loss of one of its prominent stars. As in similar car accidents in Georgia, the driver in this case was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Police also are said to have filed other charges against the motorist.

The celebrity was apparently traveling with his girlfriend, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident. A Georgia State Patrol corporal stated that the vehicle was heading south on I-85. Reports indicate that it was approximately 2:30 a.m. when the vehicle crashed as it neared an exit.

Bruce Edward Washington, Jr., otherwise known by his stage name, "Hussein Fatal" was ejected from the vehicle upon impact. It was reported that he was killed instantly. Police charged the woman driving the vehicle with DUI, reckless driving and vehicular homicide, among other things.

It was noted that the rapper's body was being transported back to his home town for a funeral. Georgia car accidents that result in the untimely deaths of young persons often bring immense grief to the surviving family members involved. Though there is no replacement for the loss of human life, it might comfort families in similar circumstances to know that they can pursue legal action against an driver believed to have been at fault on behalf of their deceased loved one. Compensation awarded by the court in a successfully litigated case could be used to help pay funeral expenses, as well as alleviate the burden of lost wages or to help absorb other costs associated with the accident.