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Vehicular Manslaughter Case Ends in Acquittal

One of our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers at Ross & Pines, LLC, has just secured an impressive trial victory in one of his cases. With Mr. Schwarz's help, a Florida long-haul truck driver who was charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter and failure to yield at a stop sign was acquitted.

The impressive part about the case was that it only took the jury 12 minutes to reach the Not Guilty verdict. The Daily Report published an article on April 18 about the case and the verdict, which was handed down by a Cobb County State Court jury on April 10 after two-and-half days of trial.

After the verdict, Attorney Schwarz was told by the jurors that they did empathize with the family of the victim who died in the crash, but that they did not believe the blame should be placed with the defendant. They also shared that they found it shocking that Attorney Schwarz's client had to spend 35 days in jail before he could make bond, which was originally set at $250,000 but later dropped down to $25,000. It took three bond hearings to get the bond amount reduced. Attorney Schwarz told the Daily Report that this was the verdict that justice required and that the jury made the correct decision.

According to the Daily Report, it was early in the morning and still dark out when the collision occurred. The truck, which was transporting metal coils, made a left turn in front of a van that was carrying carpets. The van ended up colliding into the truck's trailer, which resulted in the van driver's death.

Both the prosecution and the defense presented evidence to back their claims of who was at fault for the accident. Attorney Schwarz utilized testimony from an expert witness who stated that the driver of the van should have had enough time to avoid the crash in the 18 seconds that passed from the turn to the collision. Was the driver of the van distracted? This was a question raised by Attorney Schwarz, who noted that police did not take a look at the drive's cell phone or try to gather other evidence of possible distracted driving.

What really strengthened the case of Attorney Schwarz's client was video evidence that was presented by the prosecution. On the video, it was apparent that the van did not have its headlights on and that its brake lights did not come on until the moment the collision occurred.

There are many cases in which basic accidents turn into unfair criminal allegations. In this case, Attorney Schwarz was able to help preserve his client's freedom and get his name properly cleared of wrongdoing. At Ross & Pines, we provide effective high-quality criminal defense representation for individuals who are accused of all types of offenses. Contact our firm today so we can help you protect your rights in your criminal proceedings!